• Law School Life
    Laying the Groundwork
  • Public Authorities Revision Notes

      A.    Introduction Three reasons why their duties are more limited and restricted: A narrower duty of care should be owed because the activity they carry out is for the benefit of the community as a whole it’s not selfish or profit motivated. The source…

    Savage Beauty

    Recently the Alexander McQueen exhibition titled Savage Beauty came to a close. Being prepared as always I had left going to it to the last weekend. So when my friend and I eventually turned up in the afternoon on the last Thursday, it wasn’t really…

    Pure Economic Loss

      A)   Concept of pure economic loss 1)    Pure economic loss versus consequential economic loss Pure economic loss= a loss that is solely and purely economic C’s less well off than they otherwise would’ve been if the D had acted carefully. E.g. bad investment advice…

    Intro into Negligence

    Elements of a cause of action in negligence Court is trying to come up with moral formula with legal consequences Development of the general test   1)    Donoghue v Stephenson Before Donoghue v Stephenson List of situations where negligence was recognised no general principle. Technique…


      THE CAUSE OF ACTION There must be a defamatory statement Made to the claimant And it must be published to a third person A.    Defamatory meaning A statement that causes or is likely to cause serious harm to a person’s reputation. Ask yourself- did…


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