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  • I Should Be Engaged.

    As I truly set off for my 20s this resonates with me and it’s so true that you sometimes don’t realise how empty your engagement with others has become when you’re so used to relying on a digital connection. It’s convenient but nothing can beat…

    Intro: Breach of Duty Outline

      Fault based vs strict liability Question asked- did the D take reasonable care in doing what he did Elements of tort: Duty of care: measured generally. Breach: C has to show D hasn’t attained appropriate standard of care required. Sets the bar, if D…

    Omissions and Third Parties

      1. Policy reasons for limiting liability for a failure to act Stovin v Wise Facts: A county council with statutory power to take steps to make roads safe had decided to cut away a bank from a roadside to improve visibility at a dangerous…

    Public Authorities Revision Notes

      A.    Introduction Three reasons why their duties are more limited and restricted: A narrower duty of care should be owed because the activity they carry out is for the benefit of the community as a whole it’s not selfish or profit motivated. The source…


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