• Tips for living in London by Londoners themselves

    I recently contributed to Law Absolute’s post on living in London. Guess I am officially a Londoner! Find the link attached below. http://www.lawabsolute.com/recruitment-news/article/tips-for-living-in-london-by-londoners-themselves On another note, I will soon be writing a post on life after law school and keeping you all updated on the…

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    Book Review: Intercept

    Check out my latest review for The Society of Computers and Law on Intercept by Gordon Corera. Original Link: (http://www.scl.org/site.aspx?i=ed48270) Lorraine Chimbga reviews Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies by Gordon Corera (Orion Publishing, Paperback – £8.99, pp 448, ISBN: 9781780227849)   At first…

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    21 and Graduated

    Two weeks ago was the tangible culmination of three rollercoaster years finally coming to an end. When the exam season finally finished in May I didn’t quite know how to feel when I was still waking up at 6am but had nothing to revise or read…

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    21 and RemainINg Hopeful

    Today… One day I will look back and see that lived I through history. Although this might sound strange, history never looks like history when you are living it. Although I have tried to keep this platform neutral , today I felt, to put it…

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    Letting go of the diversity buzzword

    Here’s the latest piece that I wrote for The Times’ The Brief on whether diversity is sometimes used as a buzzword. Let me know what you think! (Link: Letting go of the diversity buzzword) Has the legal profession lost the meaning of diversity? Potential applicants to international law…

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