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  • Letting go of the diversity buzzword

    Here’s the latest piece that I wrote for The Times’ The Brief on whether diversity is sometimes used as a buzzword. Let me know what you think! (Link: Letting go of the diversity buzzword) Has the legal profession lost the meaning of diversity? Potential applicants to international law…

    Everyone is Smarter Than Me & Other Crazy Things …

    Even though LawToya Talks is blogging about her experience over the Atlantic, what she says holds true even here! Especially as a final year having recently spoken to various 1st and 2nd years her third point holds true, just focus on what you are doing,…

    Student Law Sector Debate: Diversity in the Law

    Last night I attended The Student Law Sector debate hosted by Milkround and The Times, and the talk of the night was the issue of D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y! Let’s be honest, the profession may often seem pale, male and stale if you are someone who doesn’t necessarily…

    The Best Practice Guide for applying to Graduate …

    Doing applications can be a difficult and daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start or what law firms are looking for. Rosenblatt, a full-service, entrepreneurial firm in London have helpfully created a handy guide to help you when applying for grad schemes.…

    Let’s be honest: 21 and average

    I don’t know if turning 21 somehow made things get real, really quick or maybe I just hadn’t been paying much attention. All of a sudden it feels like I have been hit with this wave of realization. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the type of productive or valuable realization…


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