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  • Working in a Family Law Firm: What You …

    This month’s featured blog post comes from Clayton Miller, a founding member of KMJ Solicitors who specialise in family law. To learn more about their work and what they do, visit their website    Whether you’ve just graduated from law school or you’re looking to change areas, you might…

    Tips for living in London by Londoners themselves

    I recently contributed to Law Absolute’s post on living in London. Guess I am officially a Londoner! Find the link attached below. http://www.lawabsolute.com/recruitment-news/article/tips-for-living-in-london-by-londoners-themselves On another note, I will soon be writing a post on life after law school and keeping you all updated on the…

    Book Review: Intercept

    Check out my latest review for The Society of Computers and Law on Intercept by Gordon Corera. Original Link: (http://www.scl.org/site.aspx?i=ed48270) Lorraine Chimbga reviews Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies by Gordon Corera (Orion Publishing, Paperback – £8.99, pp 448, ISBN: 9781780227849)   At first…

    21 and Graduated

    Two weeks ago was the tangible culmination of three rollercoaster years finally coming to an end. When the exam season finally finished in May I didn’t quite know how to feel when I was still waking up at 6am but had nothing to revise or read…

    21 and RemainINg Hopeful

    Today… One day I will look back and see that lived I through history. Although this might sound strange, history never looks like history when you are living it. Although I have tried to keep this platform neutral , today I felt, to put it…


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