• The new reality in the legal profession

    This month’s post comes from Julia Rosińska, a second year law student, aspiring to specialise in international arbitration and commercial disputes. Julia is passionate about exploring the impact of technology on the legal profession, self-development and also works as a Life Coach.   Has the role of…

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    Getting Things Done with the Bullet Journal

    I was recently featured in a post by Gradstrategy on how keeping a journal or a planner can help you in being more productive. Check it out here on Gradstrategy.com I talk about how throughout my time at university, I used something called the Bullet Journal method…

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    Article 50: A question of principle

    This month’s featured blog post comes from Alex Diggens. He is a recent law graduate from UCL who is now currently studying for the Bar where he will specialise in a Commercial chancery set upon completion. Panic in the court room Late last week, the High Court issued…

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    Working in a Family Law Firm: What You …

    This month’s featured blog post comes from Clayton Miller, a founding member of KMJ Solicitors who specialise in family law. To learn more about their work and what they do, visit their website    Whether you’ve just graduated from law school or you’re looking to change areas, you might…

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