• Law School Life
    Laying the Groundwork
  • CILEx: an alternative route to a legal career

    This week’s post on pursuing an alternative career in Law comes from Barlow Robbins Solicitors who specialise in Residential Property transactions. Studying law isn’t something that should be taken on lightly. For most people, in fact, the idea of spending three years studying towards a degree, racking up…

    Studying Law in the UK

    This week’s article on choosing a university to study Law in the UK comes from guest author Mirva Lempiainen, who also blogs for SchoolApply.com. How to study for a Bachelor’s of Law in the UK There are two main reasons to study for a legal degree:…

    London Coffee Festival 2017

     The Legend Legend has it, that a herdsman named Kaldi on a sunny day noticed that his trip of goats was more sprightly than usual having grazed on a dark green bush with red berries. The trip was tripping so to speak. Curious, Kaldi tried…

    The new reality in the legal profession

    This month’s post comes from Julia Rosińska, a second year law student, aspiring to specialise in international arbitration and commercial disputes. Julia is passionate about exploring the impact of technology on the legal profession, self-development and also works as a Life Coach.   Has the role of…

    Getting Things Done with the Bullet Journal

    I was recently featured in a post by Gradstrategy on how keeping a journal or a planner can help you in being more productive. Check it out here on Gradstrategy.com I talk about how throughout my time at university, I used something called the Bullet Journal method…


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