• Picking a University and Open Days

    Question: I’m really excited  to start my undergraduate degree in September in London. when you were in the process of applying and what not did you go to any applicant days? I’m going for an applicant day soon for a few of my university choices, but I’m not sure…

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    What Do You Expect from a career in …

    The first thing that springs to mind would be one of two things for many. Imagine a dark, dusty, antique office: littered with academic papers and never-ending mountains of books, blocking the meagre sunlight coming in from a tiny window. Don’t forget the endless hours…

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    History Revision- economy and society

    GDR Economy Policies shaped by communist ideology Modern,classless and industrial state Pushed policies regardless of opinion Central direction class system rid of to make way for marxist-leninist state Aim: build a new worker’s paradise to bring about radical transformation of post war EG GDR had…

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    History Revision- Chapter 5

    SED Rule Ministry of state security set up in 1949= able to hunt down rivals October 1949 govenrment only a temporary coaltion pending elections Elections delayed by soviets in order to give SED time to get stronger Heavy handed terror tactics- forme SPD members targeted…

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    History Revision- Adenauer's Foreign Policy

    1. Less than 10 years to become major player best way for WG was to win support of West and reconcile with France re-integration seen as good by US= against communist expansion Petersberg Agreements Nov 1949– FRG joined council of Europe as associate member right…

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