• What Do You Expect from a career in …

    The first thing that springs to mind would be one of two things for many. Imagine a dark, dusty, antique office: littered with academic papers and never-ending mountains of books, blocking the meagre sunlight coming in from a tiny window. Don’t forget the endless hours…

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    History Revision- economy and society

    GDR Economy Policies shaped by communist ideology Modern,classless and industrial state Pushed policies regardless of opinion Central direction class system rid of to make way for marxist-leninist state Aim: build a new worker’s paradise to bring about radical transformation of post war EG GDR had…

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    History Revision- Chapter 5

    SED Rule Ministry of state security set up in 1949= able to hunt down rivals October 1949 govenrment only a temporary coaltion pending elections Elections delayed by soviets in order to give SED time to get stronger Heavy handed terror tactics- forme SPD members targeted…

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    History Revision- Adenauer's Foreign Policy

    1. Less than 10 years to become major player best way for WG was to win support of West and reconcile with France re-integration seen as good by US= against communist expansion Petersberg Agreements Nov 1949– FRG joined council of Europe as associate member right…

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    History Revision

    The war legacyGermany was left in a state of paralysisPhysical destruction- infrastrucure was ruine. “The greatest heap of rubble the world has ever seen.”Human cost over 6 million casuatiesWomen- raped, war babies, dangerous abortionsPoor housing, lack of food, black market and health issues- water supplies,…

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