• Parliamentary Sovereignty: The Orthodox Doctrine pt1

    Click on the diagram to zoom in or: PDF Version:Parliamentary Sovereignty The Orthodox Doctrine There are more in-depth notes below the diagram, hope it helps. Parliamentary Sovereignty: The Orthodox Doctrine  I.     Historical Origins A.   1. The idea that what the Queen enacts in parliament is…

    Sexual Offences pt 2: The Common Element of Non-Consent

    Click here for the PDF Version if you want to zoom in more…or print it out: Common Element of non-consent Or simply click on the map below itself, to see it clearer. And of course there’s some notes below:   Common Element of non-consent s74 Consent= an…

    Non-Consensual Sexual Offences Pt 1: Revision

    Non-Consensual Sexual Offences Sexual Offences Act 2003 1.     Rape S1 A.    Definition: A person commits rape if they intentionally penetrate, without consent and they don’t reasonably believe that the victim consented 1.   Penetration is a continuing act as given by Kaitamaki and s79(2)  2.     Sexual…

    Picking a University and Open Days

    Question: I’m really excited  to start my undergraduate degree in September in London. when you were in the process of applying and what not did you go to any applicant days? I’m going for an applicant day soon for a few of my university choices, but I’m not sure…


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