• A very brief summary: What is a Constitution?

    Usual exam question to consider: Would a written constitution make a great improvement to the UK system of government? 1.What is a constitution for? people need to know who has the power to make decisions or take actions It grants legitimacy to the state and…

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    As always the notes follow the outline of the mindmap. The picture below has less detail it’s just to give an overview of the main points. The PDF version (Consideration2) shows all the levels of the mindmap. (Reflected in the notes) DEFINITION Classical definition: Currie v…

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    Offer And Acceptance= Agreement

    As always the notes follow the outline of the mindmap I’ve made. The only difference is that the PDF image of the mindap shows ALL the levels in the mindap (reflected in the notes)  unlike the image below, which I included to provide a simple outline…

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