• Three Certainties Simplified

    It all started with Knight v Knight 1840: In order for there to be an express trust there must be: Certainty of Intention Certainty of Subject Matter Certainty of Objects Certainty of Intention The key intention is a unilateral intention; we only look at the…

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    Comic Con Craziness

    So today I had the honor of going through my first ever Comic Con Experience. As we swooshed along the DLR towards the Excel Center I wasn’t quite sure on what I was to expect. Although on our way there, there was absolutely no chance of…

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    A brief Introduction: Law and Morality

    The Legal Theories Natural law The natural law theory suggests that there should be a strong link between law and morality. Natural law argues that there is a higher moral authority. Writers such as Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century philosopher,  argued that this law was…

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