On Writing


Joining up the letters, somehow it makes it all feel so connected
Just the mere thought of words being able to move the
Kings all the way to the people in tears, laughter and anger
To think that throughout time just mere words
have ended up shaping a moment and defining it
Just to think that with words entire histories
were written….. Just think
And with that power I can do the same.
I can shape the world with my words, Be it my own world or the
world of others… time will tell, but let me
Just begin to tell you
with a few words…

I could go on and write forever
Spilling my secrets and every fibre of my soul weaving it into words…

Untold until now.

But I shall content myself by thanking you
For when you read my words you share a part of me.
Without you im just muttering to the wind,
That blows away every secret and erases it in moments.
So let me thank you the way we both like best…

By telling you a poem or two…
… Or a story

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