On feeling fear in exam season 

With exam season ramping up I just wanted to share an honest reflection. I am always talking about growing out of your comfort zone and developing. 

The truth is, I hadn’t been challenged in a while in such a way and can I just say this LLM LPC has been like, you bet?

There are moments of I can do this! And then there are moments of what if I am not doing enough? Apart from my driving test, I haven’t sat an academic exam in 5 years. What if I freeze? What if I let people down? What if I let myself down? How will this turn out?


The thing is, fear in every form can be a powerful demotivator, and often adds to the worry of things that  have not actually happened yet.

Taking a piece of my own advice, I reviewed my old journals and reflected as well. Even though I knew it already, I reminded myself that what I can trust in is my consistency and showing up even when I don’t feel like it. 

It’s giving myself a bit of grace and putting things into perspective – studying a masters degree in six months in a pandemic really is something. And yes while my dream feels like it’s on the line at times, if I wasn’t possible or capable I wouldn’t be here.

Having people cheering me on on my duvet cocoon days and journalling to recenter to get some perspective, I am going through it. And if you are too, take some comfort as weird as it sounds that you are not alone. It’s only a temporary season, that’s what 2016 Lorraine had to remind me. You’ll look back and laugh.

Lastly thank you to my dad for knowing that stationery is the way to my heart and sending over words of inspiration this morning and reminding me I can, I have and I will.

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