My aim with this blog has always been to create a useful resource for law students to be, law students themselves and beyond. To me this is an important issue, especially in terms of raising awareness and tackling the issue of diversity within the legal profession and generally to let you know that whatever you are experiencing you are not alone.

I am only one person and believe there are so many out there who also have their story to tell and share.

So if this appeals to you and you would like to submit a post for this blog please feel free to get in touch. Particularly, law students looking for writing experience!

What can you write about?

Although it is called Life Of A London Law Student, the aim is to create a series voiced by different law students and those working within the field.

In terms of content, you can write about your own experience of law school, what it’s like working within the sector, maybe a revision post, a current issue in the headlines or even something creatively inspired!

I would be more than happy to meet up for a chat whether it’s a student needing mentoring or to talk about all things tech law. Please fill out the form below with the dates you have in mind and I’ll get back to you as soon a possible.