Comic Con Craziness

Comic Con Craziness

So today I had the honor of going through my first ever Comic Con Experience. As we swooshed along the DLR towards the Excel Center I wasn’t quite sure on what I was to expect. Although on our way there, there was absolutely no chance of getting lost, all we had to do was follow the Batmen, Hulks and Wonder-women.

And at this point I felt slightly under dressed in my Clueless Outfit, as the crowds of characters came into view, eagerly waiting to enter the venue. Luckily, we managed to dodge the queues with some priority tickets (highly recommended).

The stalls within the venue were impressive; from general merchandise, costumes, accessories, comics and premiers of shows, films and games. And of course the odd few famous faces floating about.

And so here are a few snapshots from my day. Half the time I was too busy gaping at the sheer creativity and ingenuity of the costumes to take photos, but I did manage to ask a few people to pose, and everyone is so nice, they were happy to do so.

Comic Con 001

Comic Con 012Comic Con 050 Comic Con 052 Comic Con 053 Comic Con 003 Comic Con 004 Comic Con 005 Comic Con 006
Comic Con 017 Comic Con 018 Comic Con 019 Comic Con 020 Comic Con 024 Comic Con 025 Comic Con 027 Comic Con 028 Comic Con 029 Comic Con 030 Comic Con 031 Comic Con 032 Comic Con 034 Comic Con 036 Comic Con 037 Comic Con 038 Comic Con 039 Comic Con 040 Comic Con 042 Comic Con 043 Comic Con 044 Comic Con 045 Comic Con 047 Comic Con 048 Comic Con 049




  1. 24th November 2014 / 2:26 AM

    These pictures are awesome! I’ll bet going was super fun!

    • 1st December 2014 / 5:03 AM

      Yes it was pretty awesome and everyone was so cool and nice 🙂

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