CILEx: an alternative route to a legal career

CILEx: an alternative route to a legal career

This week’s post on pursuing an alternative career in Law comes from Barlow Robbins Solicitors who specialise in Residential Property transactions.

Studying law isn’t something that should be taken on lightly. For most people, in fact, the idea of spending three years studying towards a degree, racking up thousands in debt, and without any guarantee of employment upon completion, is the exact opposite of where they saw themselves after their A-Levels. For many careers though, this process is a frustrating necessity and those wishing to begin a career in law are no exception.

However, there are alternative routes into the legal industry that many may have completely overlooked or were not aware of. There are many great options to consider if you haven’t or don’t wish to study law at the graduate level.

An alternative to pursuing a career as a solicitor is through the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), a governing body which you can join. Entry requirements are a minimum of four GCSEs (including English) and you must pass examinations to qualify as a member first, and then as a fellow later. Though the CILEx route is equally as challenging, it gives those with foundation knowledge of law the opportunity to further their career within the industry.

Another great advantage of the CILEx route is the flexibility to study at your own pace and to choose to take the CILEx units when you feel you are ready. So, no cramming for exams around your already busy schedule. Plus, it costs less than studying for a degree! If you already have a law degree or have done the GDL, CILEx also offers a great cost effective alternative to the LPC and the BPTC through their CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma.

The CILEx route is something that should definitely be considered when choosing to pursue a career in the legal industry, especially as the costs of education rise. Below is an infographic from Barlow Robbins on qualifying as a solicitor through this alternative path and more information can be found on the CILEx website.


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