• Researching Law Firms: Beyond Average

    As part of my @londonlawstudent Application Advice Series on Instagram, in this blog post I discuss some of the methods that I used to research law firms and go beyond average.

    From utilising the power of social media, thinking outside of the box by attending industry events other than open days, and reading the law firm’s annual reports. I explore ways of using these sources to form part of your application research.

    Find out some of the information and approach that I used to demonstrate a beyond average why law, why me and why this particular firm in my most successful applications.

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    Researching Law Firms: Knowing Yourself

    Researching Law firms

    As part of the @londonlawstudent Application Advice Series, in this blog post I explore some of the benefits that come with knowing yourself when it comes to doing law firm applications.

    From considering your working style to personal long term plans, I show how having a good idea of such factors can assist in researching and then creating a strong USP and personal brand.
    #applicationadvice #personaldevelopment #lawstudent #trainingcontract

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    The London Law Student Journey: Work Experience

    THE LONDON LAW STUDENT JOURNEY: WORK EXPERIENCE Before Law School During Law School After Law School  (to be posted) Each post discusses my work experience and examples of how I wrote about them  on my successful applications. Through the London Law Student Journey so far,…

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