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London Coffee Festival 2017

 The Legend Legend has it, that a herdsman named Kaldi on a sunny day noticed that his trip of goats was more sprightly than usual…

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The new reality in the legal profession

This month’s post comes from Julia Rosińska, a second year law student, aspiring to specialise in international arbitration and commercial disputes. Julia is passionate about exploring…

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Getting Things Done with the Bullet Journal

I was recently featured in a post by Gradstrategy on how keeping a journal or a planner can help you in being more productive. Check it…

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Article 50: A question of principle

This month’s featured blog post comes from Alex Diggens. He is a recent law graduate from UCL who is now currently studying for the Bar where…

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Working in a Family Law Firm: What You Can Expect

This month’s featured blog post comes from Clayton Miller, a founding member of KMJ Solicitors who specialise in family law. To learn more about their work and what…

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